Task Force 52


Headed by Commodore Bishop Young is among the elements stripped from the Andor Sector and reassigned to the Beloti Sector just inside the Argaya Solar System.

 Callsign: The Paladins

Motto: Fortitudo Vocat Fortis ~ Courage Calls the Strong (Bold) Ones.

TFCO: Commodore Bishop Young

Flagship: U.S.S. Illustrious, Galaxy-class

Commanding Officer: Captain Atani Neren

Home Port:  Starbase 279 “Garrett Station”


  • 2 Galaxy Classes
    • U.S.S. Illustrious, Captain Atani Neren
    • U.S.S. Renaissance, Captain Farah al-Bayati
  • 2 New Orleans Classes
    • U.S.S. Navajo, Commander Elena Maria Matticchio
    • U.S.S. Iroquois, Commander Vinaed Razix
  • 2 Niagara Classes
    • U.S.S. Cairns, Commander Lomisha Koron
    • U.S.S. Santa Barbara, Commander Ohosa Atsarre
  • 4 Saber Classes
    • U.S.S. Dao, Commander Anya Thon
    • U.S.S. Falchion, Commander William Benjamin Haynes
    • U.S.S. Scimitar, Commander Tae-sun Namgung
    • U.S.S. Talwar, Commander Fessina
  • 2 Steamrunner Classes
    • U.S.S. Tigris, Captain Cennas
    • U.S.S. Regent, Captain Bovane K’koaa
  • 1 Akira Class
    • U.S.S. Ronin, Captain Sergei Kirov
  • 1 Excelsior Class
    • U.S.S. Scharnhorst, Captain Erib P’Trell
  • 1 Olympic Class
    • U.S.S. Blackwell, Captain Helga Elisheva vom Rhein
  • 1 Norway Class
    • U.S.S. Oslo, Captain Siala Tromans
The logo above was created for this simm/rp and only for this simm/rp if you wish to use it or reference please contact us, following the link on the navigation bar to do so.

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