Hand of Terra




Little to nothing is known at this time regarding the Hand of Terra; so far Starfleet has been able to gather that the Hand of Terra is a human supremacist group. Although finding out who is a member of such a faction, has proven to be very difficult. It had only been in the recent months when a rebel encounter (NAV: “Showdown in the Betreka”)  in the Betreka aboard both the Auriga and the Navajo, was Starfleet able to get their hands on a living member of the group. Ensign Grace Winslow, former Starfleet Medical Officer turned Hand of Terra Agent. What is known is that the late Lieutenant JG Eddie Mendes was leading a small chapter in the attempts to over take the U.S.S. Navajo, while former Commander Erib Danib of Betazed attempted to take over the Auriga in retaliation over the peace treaty and it’s terms with the Cardassian Union. Danib was unaware that Mendes had begun recruiting within his own group of mutineers. The Hand of Terra are typically equipped with daggers, as was evident aboard the Navajo.


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