Garrett Station



The Watchtower-class is based and sourced from Starbase 6/Starbase 47-Vanguard from Star Trek: The Original Series. Our station, the former Starbase/Outpost 52 has been refitted for this ‘modern’ twenty-fourth century role-play. Renumbered to Starbase 279 in light of it’s new life, and dedicated in memory of Captain Rachel Garrett, of the U.S.S. Enterprise-C. Located just inside the Argaya Solar System, Garrett Station became the closes station next to Talarian space. Please note that this page will be subject to change as we continue forward and work on it’s specifications to meet the needs of this Star Trek: The Next Generation era rp.
  • Height: 921 meters
  • Width: 849 meters
  • Standard crew complement: 2,400
  • Standard duty shift complement: 800
  • Standard guest capacity: 1,200
  • Emergency guest capacity: 61,500
  • Power source: Mark IX matter/antimatter reactor
  • Defences: deflector shields
  • Armaments: 12 phaser/photon torpedo emplacements

The information above was pulled from Memory Beta. We’ll also be referencing information from “The Red Admiral.”




Originally known as Starbase 52 during the late twenty third century, posted toward the Klingon border. Starbase 52 main function was to serve as defense, although it also serviced many a Federation vessels. She served without distinction however and quietly went into decay and she was relocated closer toward the core, where the Starbase received a much needed refit. There she found herself functioning for many diplomatic conferences and became catered to such events, including some of the finer hotels for civilians, and having many highly rated restaurants.

Sadly however Starfleet found that her upkeep wasn’t worth it, and in the early twenty-fourth century she was put up for decommissioning and possible scrapping. Fortunately for the Starbase conflicts with the Cardassians proved that the ol’ girl would be worth keeping and she was reposted up along the border to serve as an outpost. It was here that 52 would earn some credit, a small task force of ten vessels held their own against a large group of thirty-three Cardassian vessels. 52 having at that point been refitted with fighters, served to assist the battle that went on for a total of twelve days, before the outpost was finally overrun, but not before she played her role in slaughtering her share of the enemy.  It was this battle that bought Starfleet time to regroup, and avenge the Battle of Outpost 52.

Starfleet regained Outpost 52, and decided the ol’ girl had earned a new assignment. So she was moved along the border, finding a new home in orbit of Terriacus III, a Federation colony within the Beloti Sector. Upon arrival, 52’s first commander, Captain David Anderson requested the Starbase be renamed, to Garrett Station, in honor of the late Captain Rachel Garrett who gave her life to secure peace with the Klingons, whose career as Captain of the Enterprise-C served as a reminder to all of what they as a fleet stood for. Without question, Starfleet granted the request and Starbase 52 became known as Garrett Station, and along with it a new number 279.


o6David Anderson, 2355 – 2359

o6Gann, 2360 – 2363

o6Thrynni th’Rassia, 2363 – 2365






a1T’Sai, Commanding Officer

o6Shrib sh’Chari, Executive Officer

o5Ava Kincaide, Second Officer

e8Lauren Lail, Chief of the Station

e4Jate, Yeoman


o5R’atharr Hamjin, Chief of Flight Operations

o5Calvin Thaddeus Bramwell, Assistant Chief of Flight Operations

e6Reemare Galgus, Shuttlebay Manager


o4Aurelia Juarez, Chief of Security/Tactical

o2Gav, Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical

e6Oris zh’Dani, Master at Arms


o4Savau, Chief Engineer

o3Kennburr Veth, Assistant Chief Engineer


o3Augustus Nikolai , Chief of Operations

o3Kotuv, Assistant Chief of Operations

e7Shani ch’Endin, Quartermaster


o5Ava Kincaide, Chief Medical Officer

o4Samantha Juarez, Assistant Chief Medical Officer

o4Ava Mills, Chief Surgeon

o3Paul O’Conner-Xetan, Head Nurse

o3Vishri ch’Chani, Chief Counselor


o3K’Sara Cindcar, Chief Science Officer

o2Nisahi Baramnirn, Assistant Chief Science Officer






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