5th Fleet


Primarily based out of the Andor Sector, the 5th Fleet works closely with the Andorians, however; with the recent cessation of hostilities between the Federation and Cardassian Union elements of 5th fleet have been reassigned to resume exploration duties.

Fleet Commander: Vice Admiral Saval

Fleet Headquarters: Starbase 12, Stardock

Fleet Flagship: U.S.S. Laikan, Excelsior-class

Fleet Strength: 90 Vessels


Elements: Break Down

Task Force 51, 18 Vessels, Rear Admiral Siral gil-Tebar

Task Force 52, 16 Vessels, Commodore Bishop Young

Task Force 53, 12 Vessels, Commodore Keisuke Hashimoto

Task Force 54, 15 Vessels, Rear Admiral V’Sar

Task Force 55, 12 Vessels, Commodore Keval th’Zarath

Task Force 56, 17 Vessels, Commodore Tala Raan


The above logo was found on the Advanced Starship Design Bureau's website, see link: http://www.asdb.net/asdb/docs/sotsf/SOTSF4.pdf

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