If you are here then you're seeking out a little more information about us, and below you'll note our back story. Now, what I'd like to mention is that we all have Skype. No, we're not looking at each other through webcams, we chat via text/instant messaging in a group on Skype. Makes it much easier to coordinate joint posts, and fosters creativity between each player. If you're asking if you'll have to have Skype, then the answer is yes.

If you needed a little back story about the Navajo, here it is.

The U.S.S. Navajo is a New Orleans-class starship, the year is 2367 and Wolf 359 has already happened. The Battle of Wolf 359 as shown in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s The Best of Both Worlds I & II, is where the Federation and the Borg, clashed and the Federation suffered massive losses. This showed Starfleet just how inadequate and possibly antiquated they may have become in the face of a new enemy. Given that the Navajo is a frigate, the commanding officer is at the rank of Commander, and with that the GM, created Elena Maria Matticchio. Elena was not present at the battle, and neither were any of the Navajo’s crew, however; given that 11,000 were lost at Wolf 359 it is plausible that some may have lost friends, loved ones, and possibly even family members.

Should you decide to join the U.S.S. Navajo, you will be playing a member of Elena’s crew, and you can check out our Manifest to see what we have, and what we don’t have, to decide your fate.


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