Mission Logs

Most of the mission descriptions below are outlined when the mission is first formed, however; may be subject to change due to conversations in chat and ideas that are brought to the GM during these conversations. The descriptions are meant to give you an overall idea of what the mission is suppose to be about.

Mission I:

Showdown in the Betreka

After receiving new supplies, and new crew members, the U.S.S. Navajo sets off toward Starbase G-6, for a conference hosted by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Aboard the Navajo is a member of the conference, the conference is set to discuss, the current status of the fleet and what measures will need to be taken to bring the fleet back up to its previous levels of deployment, and how to improve current vessels so that events like Wolf 359 do not happen, again. However, shortly after departure from Starbase 11, the Navajo receives a distress call, from deep within the Betreka Nebula, detouring the New Orleans-class vessel from its present course. In the Betreka Nebula, all is not what as it seems, and the Navajo will soon become its own worse enemy.

Showdown in the Betreka – Mission Log

Intermission:  Roll a G6

A week after towing in the Constellation-class U.S.S. Auriga from the depths of the Betreka Nebula, a battered and bruised U.S.S. Navajo and her crew have been resting, refitting and relaxing at Starbase G6. Where what was suppose to be a situation debrief and how Starfleet would recover. Spiraled into more with every division of Starfleet showing up to reassure the masses that they would be okay. Unveiling new ship designs such as the Intrepid and Nova classes, production numbers for the Akira-class just as the U.S.S. Akira receives her NCC numbers in a beautiful ceremony. Medical and Science teaming up to tackle the issue of Borg implants, and new endeavors. To Tactical’s strategy and unveiling of new ship weapons, meanwhile Starbase G6 is now overladen with crew, giving the Navajo time to grab some more personnel while she has the time to rest.

Roll a G6 – Mission Log


Mission II:

The Rogue Ultimatum

The Navajo sets out conducting routine colonial survey missions and comes across the planet Dakala (ENT: Rogue Planet). An away team led by Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Danvers, lands on Dakala to conduct the survey and come across Eska hunters. The hunters seem indifferent to the away team, giving them a warning to leave the planet. When the away team informs the hunters that that is not possible, tensions rise. During the survey, the Navajo’s team notices the Eska’s have found a new way to hunt the Wraiths.  Despite the mounting tensions, the crew races against the hunting party in an effort to save what’s left of the Wraiths.

The Rogue Ultimatum – Mission Log




Mission III:

A Clockwork Q

When the Navajo receives a visit from a member of the enigmatic, seemingly omnipotent race known as the Q Continuum, the mischievous entity soon proves to be nothing but trouble for the crew as they try to conduct a routine survey mission. Bored with their current activities and seeking some amusement for herself, Q transports the crew into a strange world of steam and clockworks, where the Navajo is a massive airship flying into battle in the skies above 19th-century Europe. Soon the crew realizes that, in order to get home and return to the real Navajo, they’ll need to strike a delicate balance between satisfying Q’s desire for entertainment and surviving the entirely foreign–and equally deadly–world they’ve been transported to.


 Mission IV:

Live and Let Prosper

Following the recent Sector 21974 incident (TNG: Suddenly Human), with the Talarian Republic, Starfleet has decided to make a new effort at improving diplomatic relations with their former enemies, and the Navajo is assigned to transport a delegation for the first real rendezvous since the end of the Talarian War. Tensions flare up almost instantly as the patriarchal Talarian leadership scorns at the authority of both Commander Matticchio and the female Ambassador T’Lian, leader of the delegation. A bad situation only becomes far worse after T’Lian is found mysteriously deceased, with all signs pointing towards a brutal murder at the hands of the Talarians. With the entire summit teetering on the edge of descending into a brand new conflict, the Navajo’s crew has one brief chance to find the real culprit and prevent what could quickly evolve into a full-scale war.


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