Mjolnir, Erisiken

Name: Mjolnir, Erisiken
Rank: Ensign (Starfleet)
Position: Operations Officer, USS Navajo


Height: 6’4″ (1.929 Meters)
Weight: 190LBS


Born in 2345 to a human mother and a Vulcan father, Erisiken was raised by his mother on Earth, while Eris’ father went to explore the stars. Erisiken did his best to hide his Vulcan heritage, for much of his life, in order to fit in with other humans without concern over being different.

Discovering his distaste for people in his teens, Erisiken found within himself the desire to stand apart from other humans, as far as possible. After several attempts to run away, Eris’ mother sought to get him enrolled in the Fleet Academy, where he suffered from disputes with his contemporaries, yet his grades (for the most part) were adequate to get him commissioned.

Following the battle at Wolf 359, Erisiken was transferred aboard the USS Navajo, to replace a combat casualty.


Raised by his mother to embrace his emotions, Erisiken is a bit of a angry and aloof person, preferring his privacy so as not to be discovered, nor to let anyone get a hold over him.

Eris is anti-social, displaying combative tendencies towards other people, while seeking a position of power.

As a result of his self-imposed isolation, Eris spends much of his time on physical and mental exercises, seeking to improve his perceived superiority over other humans.


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