Character Information

Name: Izeneera
Gender: Female
Species: El-Aurian
Age: 267 Terran standard years

Physical Appearance

Height: 1.73m (5′ 8″)
Weight: 70kg (154 lbs.)
Hair Colour: red
Eye Colour: grey
Physical Description:
Despite her age Izeneera looks like a young woman. She’s led the good life and has a curvy and very feminine body shape, not that athletically toned body most Starfleet officers sport. While she does have some endurance she’s certainly not built to run long-distance, for example.

For a member of her species she is still young, and she cultivates her youthful appearance.

She loves elaborate dresses and and bright, cheerful colours. Her favourite colours are blue and green and she uses them for clothes and accessories often. It’s only when she wants to appear dark and mysterious that she chooses black or dark red, which contrasts well with her pale skin.


Father: Tanaris, civilian propulsion engineer, adventurer and anthropologist
Mother: Masira, civilian shipmaster, adventurer and anthropologist

Personality & Traits

General Overview:
Coming from a species of listeners Izeneera is still learning that particular art, her talent is strong but the experience needed to master it has yet to be gathered. She is a competent counsellor, though, even without complete mastery of the natural abilities of her species.

Izeneera is full of energy and always up for something fun but she doesn’t like imposing on others, she can often be found going along with what other people want, unless she has to put her foot down as part of her job.

She is ready and willing to get into literally any sort of trouble or mischief, preferably with other people, even if she knows it’s stupid. She is careful not to put herself or others in danger of permanent injuries or death, though. As far as alcohol is concerned, she is a lightweight. She sleeps far less than most people, only two or three times a week normally, but drinks huge amounts of coffee.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
She has a keen mind that is always active. Even when she just seemingly stares out into space, appearing to relax, her mind is racing and revolving around one thing or another. She is incapable of meditating in a way that just switches thought off, in spite of attempting to learn just that on Betazed.

She can be impulsive at times, and she has been told by other counsellors that she should learn to be more assertive in her private life. Izeneera, however, just doesn’t want to. She likes seeing where people go with things.

Her physiology means that she ages very slowly, but it also means that injuries take longer to heal, even with the assistance of medical science in case of more severe injuries. Nevertheless, she is not afraid of pain or injury and will stand her ground if she feels it is necessary. It is only her essentially pacifist nature that lets her back down in cases where she feels the issue not important enough to antagonise people or to stress over it.

She does not hold her liquor well and tends to do silly things (more so than otherwise) while under the influence. Fortunately she is aware of this and will not indulge during diplomatic functions, state dinners etc.

She isn’t particularly ambitious. Since she is not concerned with a swift career, happy to let others have theirs, she doesn’t see the need to compete with them. She is in Starfleet for the experience, and is planning to stay for the next fifty years or so before moving on to something else.

However, if she were to make starship captain some day, maybe she’ll like it enough to stay long-term.

Hobbies & Interests:
She likes almost everything at first. If it’s something she hasn’t done before she’s all over it, she’ll even do things she knows in advance she won’t like just for the experience. She likes to be around people, small groups or with one other person preferably, she doesn’t particularly enjoy crowds.

She enjoys playing characters in holonovels. To keep fit she swims, usually skinny-dipping in some natural body of water, and hikes across countryside whenever she gets the chance to do so. In these she prefers a natural environment over the holodeck but will take what she can get. She does not play sports in the classical sense but will play physically demanding roles in her holonovels as a substitute for training.

She is very culturally interested and enjoys the differences between cultures. Most of these experiences have been pleasant, though she wasn’t beyond going through a Klingon ascension ritual, which involved the liberal use of pain sticks, just to prove to the Klingons that she was worthy of respect. It got an important trade agreement signed, at least, and earned her recognition.

She can often be found reading, usually she reads three or four books parallel to one another. She considers a solid general education important enough to stay current even in fields she does not usually find interesting. As such, she knows, in general terms, how a sensor array or a photon torpedo work, even if she isn’t able to repair or modify one.


Izeneera was born in March of 2100 on the El-Aurian homeworld. Her childhood was protected and largely uneventful, like every El-Aurian child she spent most of her childhood playing and learning in a very peaceful society.

When she was old enough to be taken along trips with her parents, who liked travelling the universe to find new species, much like Starfleet does today, she was taken on a voyage that spanned much of the delta and beta quadrants and lasted from 2157 through 2224, when she came to the Federation.

Her parents decided to stay in the Federation for a while, there was a lot to learn from the Federation’s vast archive of knowledge and equally much to give to them in return, and Izeneera decided to explore on her own. Her parents frowned upon that so she had to promise to stay within the borders of the Federation.

She travelled to Trill in 2231 and met Neela Vares, a university professor for anthropology. This started a friendship that lasts to the present day. While Izeneera is still the same woman, the Vares symbiont has changed hosts three times already. There are rumours of a romantic involvement between Izeneera and at least two hosts of the Vares symbiont but nothing was ever proven.

Together with Ambassador Zami Vares, the second host, Izeneera travelled to a meeting with the Klingons in 2289. The Trill government was interested in getting a lucrative mining and trade agreement with the Klingons. To qualify for negotiations the Klingons demanded a member of the delegation to pass their ascension ritual. To spare her friend Izeneera volunteered and underwent the procedure, impressing the Klingons.

The pain felt, however, wasn’t nearly as bad as when she heard of the destruction of her home world and the deaths of all of her family, aside from her parents, at the hands of the Borg. It had taken refugees many years to reach the Federation with the news, and she knew that it was too late to help anyone then. After long counsel with her parents Izeneera decided to become a full citizen of the Federation.

She needed a formal education now. In 2304 she attended Betazed’s Counselling Academy. She learned mental discipline from the Betazoids, and even though her abilities are of a different nature the training helped her a great deal towards realising her potential.

In 2310 she joined the team of Ambassador Vares, already an old woman, and accompanied her on her last mission before her planned retirement. Underway they were attacked by Orion pirates and Vares’s host died. Fortunately another member of the team was able and willing to take the symbiont so Vares survived. It was a difficult phase in her friendship with Vares, the new host was a man she had constantly been at odds with and had never liked, and the feeling had been mutual. It took seventeen years for them to work out their differences, and in hindsight both consider it an important aspect of their personal growth.

Izeneera attended Starfleet Academy between 2334 and 2338, and received one of Starfleet’s easiest postings as a counselling assistant, on the planet Risa. She was on Risa for seventeen years. It was the perfect place for her, members of all different species came there and she could meet them all. Many stressed-out Starfleet officers booked their vacations on Risa and Starfleet sent people there for therapeutic reasons as well. She also learned the secrets of yamaharon from the local population.

In 2355 she saw war. She was transferred to the U.S.S. Aphrodite, a Nebula class ship that was assigned to fight the Cardassians. While she ship was under fire by Cardassian vessels she was buried under a collapsing ceiling and lost her left leg. Due to her El-Aurian physiology it took Starfleet Medical three years to correct the damage, time which she spent in various rehab facilities throughout the Federation.

She was transferred to a diplomatic team in 2359 when Starfleet began hammering out a peace treaty with the Cardassians. She was only a junior advisor to the negotiating team but her blossoming natural talents did assist in making the Cardassians a little more amicable, though it had no effect on the eventual terms of the treaty.

As soon as the treaty negotiations were over Izeneera received a transfer to the Excelsior class cruiser U.S.S. Gallipoli. It was assigned, together with two old destroyers, the Centaur class U.S.S. Christopher Hitchens and the Miranda class U.S.S. Prince of Wales, to ensure the border with the Cardassian Union was kept in place securely. She was indirectly involved in further hostilities because the peace brokered in the late fifties proved fragile at best. She didn’t do any fighting herself but battle-fatigued Starfleet personnel is definitely a challenge to any counsellor.

In 2367 Izeneera was posted to the U.S.S. Navajo, a New Orleans class frigate. Still only a Lieutenant Junior Grade, as she had never shown any particular drive towards advancing her rank, she was in the fortunate position of getting a small ship assignment instead of a large cruiser like the Ambassador, Nebula or Galaxy classes. Smaller ships meant more diversified work, something Izeneera looked forward to.


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