Havenborn, Oan


General Information
Name: Oan Daniel Havenborn
Position: Executive Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthdate: March 10th 2332
Age: 35

Physical Appearance
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 176 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brunette

Father: CAPT Daniel Havenborn (68, USS Navarre-C)
Mother: CDR Audrey Havenborn (65, Retired)
Brother: LT Lukas Havenborn (30, USS Ain Jalut)
Sisters: PO2 Emily Havenborn (26, USS Savannah), ENS Valerie Havenborn (26, USS Normandy)
Spouse: None (Yet)

Early Life
Oan Daniel Havenborn was born on March 10th 2332 to Daniel and Audrey Havenborn. He was named for his great-grandpa Oan Havenborn who had served on the USS Excelsior when it was under the command of Captain Hikaru Sulu. However he much rather prefers to be called Daniel, his middle name and also his father’s name. He was born on the USS Navarre-C an Excelsior-class starship, but moved to Mars with his mother where he and his brothers and sisters were raised.

Enlisting in Starfleet
When Daniel was 18 he enlisted in Starfleet and excelled in Security training. He took the first tour he could after leaving boot camp. After four years he was promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class and assigned as the Chief Security Officer aboard the USS Oberon a Saber-class starship. He served onboard until the start of the Federation-Cardassian War at which point he was transferred to the USS Trafalgar a Nebula-class starship.

Cardassian War
Daniel served through much of the war onboard the USS Trafalgar as a Security Master-at-Arms, he had been given a field promotion to Chief Petty Officer to fill the void left by the Trafalgar’s first action against the Cardassians which left them low on experienced NCOs. For the next six year Daniel would see action along the Federation-Cardassian border. Daniel was offered a commission and he accepted, he was then sent to OCS on Mars.

Becoming an Officer
Daniel spent the next twelve weeks on Mars learning what it takes to be an Officer. Once he graduated he was assigned to the USS Striker a Steamrunner-class starship. Here he would spend the next two years as a Lieutenant Junior Grade, due to his experience as an NCO learning the ropes from the Chief of the Boat, Chief Petty Officer Ashley Williams; this also marked his first romantic relationship since joining Starfleet. The USS Striker was assigned to the Cardassian front after finishing a six week long border patrol of the RNZ. Daniel was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as the Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

Losing the Striker
After spending three years on the Cardassian front the USS Striker was responding to a distress call from an Andorian Mining Consortium freighter that had been attacked by the Cardassians. The Striker was the first ship to respond and during rescue operations they were attacked by three Galor-class Destroyers, the Striker did her best but she was no match for all three ships and was eventually lost, but not before Daniel and an assault team of half the Security staff boarded one of the Galor-class Destroyers and managed to take them hostage, they had bought the Striker’s crew enough time to abandon ship and a small task force of five starships to arrive. Afterwards Daniel was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given three weeks of R&R along with most of the surviving crew.

Present Day
Daniel had spent much of his leave time with Ashley and even though the two knew they’d be going to different assignments agreed to try to keep dating. Over the next two years the two would get together as often as they could and both their families kept asking about marriage plans but Daniel and Ashley both just enjoyed things as they were at the moment.

A year later Daniel was assigned to Earth as part of the Diplomatic Security Service there, he was made Chief Security Officer and after spending three months serving on the staff there he was assigned to the USS Navajo as the Executive Officer however which his promotion to XO, he and Ashley discussed things and mutually ended their romantic relationship, she cited that she wanted him to focus on his career and if they were meant to be then they’d end up together someday.


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