Below is the ship manifest for the U.S.S. Navajo, characters with (NPC) behind their names indicates that they're red shirts and can easily be replaced or used as plot devices, which will make it easier for say -you- the prospective player to take their job. Now, those with the (PNPC) you can't get rid of so easily, so you'd have to contact the player behind the character. Also, yes we realize these are Voyager-era uniforms, however they are the "Class B" uniforms and went into service late into the 2360s, since half of the fleet were still wearing the TNG-era uniforms and the other half seemed to be wearing the "Class B." 


a1 Bishop Young | Task Force Commander



o5Elena Matticchio | Commanding Officer

o4Stephanie Danvers | Executive Officer

e7Suret | Chief of the Boat (NPC)

e3Aria Oswin | Yeoman (NPC)



Lorelai Kiriakis | Chief Flight Controller, Acting Chief Helms (PNPC)

e5Khera Dauntless | Flight Controller, Acting Assist. Chief Helms/Shuttle Pilot (PNPC)

e4Fero Calar | Flight Controller/Shuttle Pilot (NPC)



Stephanie Danvers | Chief Security/Tactical Officer

o2VACANT | Assist. Chief Security/Tactical Officer

o1VACANT | Security/Tactical Officer

e6VACANT | Master at Arms



o2Archean Ogath | Chief Engineer

Adam Fletcher | Assist. Chief Engineer

o1Lei Zh’Harve | Engineering Officer (NPC)

o1Conner “Connie” Kerr | Engineering Officer (PNPC)

e6Kathryn Grant | Propulsion Specialist (PNPC)



Erisiken Mjolnir | Operations Officer/Acting Chief Operations Officer

o1John Turner | Operations Officer/Acting Assistant. Chief Operations Officer

e5Boron ni-Trate | Quartermaster (NPC)



Parker Buchanan | Chief Medical Officer

o2Candice Danvers | Assist. Chief Medical Officer (PNPC)

o2 T’Sara | Medical Officer (NPC)

o1Jennabeth Pryde | Nurse (NPC)

e4William Ding | Med Tech (PNPC)

o2Izeneera | Ship’s Counselor



Ian Roberts | Chief Science Officer

o2VACANT | Assist. Chief Science Officer

Lucretia Dauntless | Science Officer/ Acting Asst. Chief Science Officer (PNPC)

o1VACANT | Science Officer



e0Zeke | Bartender (NPC)

e0Phloben | Bartender (NPC)

e0El ek-Tron | Chef (NPC)


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