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After reading our various advertisements, and clicking enough things. We'd like to thank you -the visitor- in advance for taking the time to consider us as your new role-play home, we will note that we write collaboratively. What does that mean? It means we're all in Skype talking about plot, fluff and the in between. We're usually writing our joint posts in a random GDoc [Google Document]. So 1) Do you have Skype? 2) Do you have access to Google Documents and 3) If you answered yes to both then go on ahead!

Sample Post Scenario: There are no right or wrong answers, but keep in mind we're looking at writing style, creativity and originality. 

A) You've been peacefully sleeping for at least three hours, when the red alert klaxons sound. You jump out of bed and rush to leave when suddenly the ship is rocked, the lights flicker and you hear screaming outside of your door. You realize now that the ship has been boarded by the Borg. What does your character do? 

B) You wake up in the Brig, and you're pretty sure this isn't the standard run of the mill Starfleet brig, and your clothes look disturbing, telling a tale of the events before, across from you are two Nausicaans and next to you is a Tellarite. From what you can tell he looks about as beat up as you and the two Nausicaans just looked irritated and are complaining about how you started the incident, how does your character plan to get out of the brig? 




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